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Diaclone arrow Diaclone DA-75 Warudaros Drago Head Ltd

Diaclone DA-75 Warudaros Drago Head Ltd

Price: $184.18

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Serial: D3761
Released: Aug 2021
Size: 350 x 300 x 123 mm
Weight: 1129g
Overview: Diaclone DA75 Warudaros Drago Head TTMall Ltd by Takara Tomy. Drago Head and Ghoul Head (DA-76 sold separately), two new Warudaros Beasts are here. The feared super-dreadnought Warudaros re-attacks in an evolved form. The evolution of Gigantor, which is one of the largest size Diaclone product, by combining two giant beast-type machines, Drago Head and Ghoul Head (DA-76 sold separately). Warudaros Evolgigantor / Drago Head comes with a large Raider Machine with a new head unit that looks more evil, reminiscent of a giant dragon. By combining with Ghoul Head (DA-76 sold separately), Warudaros Evolgigantor is composed and becomes the upper body. The head unit in Destruction God Mode of Giganter-class Warudaros, surpasses the Giant Beast mode and the Demon mode. the Body is a Beast type Raider Machine - Horn Larva; an Insect type Raider - Anthead as the legs and a Sword type Raider - Saber head as the tail. After combining into Evolgigantor, it can form the Demon mode, Evolgigantor Devil Mode, Mega-Zilla Mode, Evolgigantor Mega-Zilla Mode, and Absorise mode.

DA75 comes with A new head unit in a new form Destruction God Mode. The eye part has a built-in light emitting gimmick with a condensing structure. By adding a mechanism to lock the grip storage in the Sword mode of  Saber Head, the specification has been changed to make it easier to hold the sword in the fist. Set comes with Body A, Arm Unit x2, cockpit unit, head unit A, weapon B x2, weapon C x4, tail parts, expansion joint parts x2, Waruda Roid, Pamphlet and Instruction Manual. Condition: Toy Brand New Box C-9.0 factory sealed. Pictures are for illustration only, actual product might be different. No other Diaclone is included.






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