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Diaclone arrow Diaclone DA-65 Battle Convoy V-Max

Diaclone DA-65 Battle Convoy V-Max

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Serial: D3725
Released: Mar 2021
Size: 450 x 370 x 193 mm
Weight: 3092g
Overview: Diaclone DA65 Battle Convoy V-Max by Takara Tomy. Battle Convoy V-MAX is a System Type Battle Machine consisting of a Cab Machine that controls the defense of Mobile Bases and a huge Container Type Machine. The Cab Machine, which can be separated into two aircrafts: a Flight Machine and a Traveling Machine, can be changed into a powerful human type combat machine with various weapons built-in, it is also equipped with functions that can be linked to Verse Systems such as Bullet Cores and joints of each part. The Container Machine that runs on its own with four large crawlers, is a Super Class giant battle station such as Battle Mothership Mode in which the Flight Machine is connected to the front and the Traveling Machine is stored in the container; and Patrol Immediate Battle Mode in which the Cab Machine is connected to the front. The major function of the container is the variable deployment function as a vast Mobile Base. And depending on the configuration of optional function unit to be installed,  it transforms into Operation Command Base, Combat Maneuver Base, Containment Transport Base, Maintenance Work Base, Bullet core / V Mover Storage Base, PS Chamber Storage Base and Triverse Mothership etc.. Various specialized operations are possible accordingly.

For Battle Convoy V-MAX when transformed into a Human Type Decisive Battle Machine is ~180mm tall, and it is of the same class as the already released Dia Battles V2. The arm unit uses a common connection joint with Dia Battles, Big Powered GV etc., and the Bullet Core, body and back joints use a common connection joint with the Verse System, making it compatible to link with the released Diaclone series. For Container Machine, the total length of Battle Mothership Mode is ~400mm, and the total length of Patrol Immediate Battle Mode, which is reminiscent of the vehicle mode of the first Battle Convoy, is ~470mm long. One of the released Triverse series can be completely stored in the Container (the Trijetter with wing part folded). When deploying Base Mode, which is equipped with a separable control tower on a UFO type commander, a flat deck space of 300mm x 230mm (excluding the sloped surface) is available, and 4 types of released Triverse series can be placed in it. Comes with various optional parts such as Console A / B / C, Maintenance Deck, Chamber Hanger, Bullet Core Hanger, Crane Pillar and Battle Bike Base. On the deck are many 4mm and 3mm concave joints for the installation of these parts.

Set comes with Container body, Battle Convoy body A, Battle Convoy body B, Maintenance Deck, Command Machine, gun x2, Bollet Core A, Bullet Core B, Deck x4, Console A x2, Console B x2, Console C x2, Crane Pillar x4, Crane Rail x2, Crane Rail Joint, Chamber Hanger x6, Bullet Core Hanger x6, Combat Bike Base x2, Weapons x2, Chairs x4, Cranes x2, Connecting Parts x4, Diaclone Members x2, decals x2, Steel Sheets, brochure and instruction manual. Condition: Toy Brand New Box C-9.0 factory sealed. Pictures are for illustration only, actual product might be different. No other Diaclone machines are included. This is a huge item and shipping cost will be high.






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