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Shipping informaton

How much will shipping cost?

We can not estimate shipping cost for PRE-ORDERS for there is no weight information for us to estimate on, after item release we'll invoice you shipping, buyer please note.
**SAL is a shipping service provided by Japan Postal service only and is not available in any other country. All customers please kindly DO NOT ask us to use SAL.**
The shipping cost quoted in your cart is very accurate and is the final cost (except pre-orders). We ship worldwide except Hong Kong. We ship from our Hong Kong Logistic Division directly to our customers. We use strong carton boxes and put enough packing materials for protection. All shipping services we use have tracking.
If your order includes available and pre-order items and you choose not to combine ship later, your shipping fee is for all available items only, we'll ship the available items accordingly and invoice you shipping for pre-order item(s) after its/their release.

Note To US and Canadian Customers: Because USPS and Canadian Post no longer support online tracking of registered mail that includes all mail registered, we no longer offer this shipping service, please kindly use e-Express, air parcel or SpeedPost EMS.

Note To Netherlands Customers: Starting 1 Jan 2017 Netherlands Post no longer support online tracking of registered mail that includes all mail registered. Tracking is still provided by Hong Kong Post manually but to use online tracking please use e-Express, air parcel or SpeedPost EMS.

Airmail Registered Packet with tracking from Hong Kong post is what we use to ship light and small item(s). To European and South American countries this is more reasonably priced service that deliver in reasonable time. This method has size and weight limitations. All shipping has tracking number.
e-Express Available to USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia only. Tracking available from the countries' corresponding postal services as well as from Hong Kong Post. It has the same size and weight limitation as the 1st Class Airmail. This is the lowest priced service that takes approximately the same time as 1st Class Airmail. The e-Express items might be treated as priority mail in the receiving countries and thus speed up the delivery of the items.
Air Parcel with tracking from Hong Kong post is what we use to ship items from Hong Kong. It is the major air service for large and heavy parcel(s) that deliver in reasonable time. All shipping has tracking number. 
The EMS with tracking from Hong Kong post is a fast and safer service we use to ship items from Hong Kong besides airmail parcel. It is one of the faster services. All shipping has tracking number.  
Combine Ship Later is for customer who wishes to combine ship with other order(s) later. When we received further instruction later, we'll send invoice for the combine shipping fee. However, if it is chosen but later the customer request shipping without combining with other order(s), we'll treat it as delay payment that is an installment, and a 20% additional fee will be added to the shipping fee invoice.


Note: our system can handle shipping weight up to 7.999kg at the moment. If your parcel is over that limit, we will inform you your shipping cost in another e-mail confirming your final total cost.


Speed of delivery

Fastest is EMS/ SpeedPost, followed by air parcel and airmail registered packet and e-Express (if available). Air parcel and airmail registered packet actually have around the same delivery time under regular shipping conditions but under heavy load like before the holidays, air parcel is always faster. For more details please see HERE


How shipping costs are calculated?

The total weight of all items in your order is added to the weight of the box and packing material required for shipment


Box & packaging material weights:

Here are the boxes we use normally and their corresponding weights and sizes:
Box # Box weight gram Box sizes mm (outer)
166 310x225x100
173 225x170x150
3 202
5 400 370x250x210
402 430x300x250
10 700 430x350x260
15 804 430x300x400
20 1300 455x425x335
30 2600 730x550x460

A typical order of 2-4 medium-sized (under 12 inches in any dimension) items requires a #5 mailer at 400g + packing materials. For extremely large items, such as Garo Equip & Prop Vol. 5 etc., the shipping box alone is 2.6kg. Keep these weights in mind as you shop.

We use enough cushioning materials to protect the items, but we do not have the weight of packing materials as each parcel is packed independently and manually with different contents inside, sorry but it is hard for us to estimate.

Recently, in order to promote "Green" within our society, we will re-use cartons from our suppliers that are at least 95% good for shipping. Hope our customers will accept this arrangement.

When will you ship my order?

Orders are normally shipped from eToysJapan in 2 working days* (after 48 hours, strongly requested by our payment gateway, PayPal, starting June 2010) after receiving your order and confirmed payment. Except for those orders we receive on Friday or Saturday, upon payment confirmation, we will ship them the following Monday, latest Tuesday (We do not ship on Saturday). If we receive your order during holidays, upon payment confirmation, we will ship it in 2 working days after the holiday. If somehow we do not have everything on your order stocked. We will notify you by e-mail and if you decided to wait for restock, you can choose the followings:

  1. Wait until all items on that order are ready to ship, then ship.
  2. You request shipment of available items first and outstanding later with extra shipping cost.

However if you have an order that is over 1 month old we will ship all available items and cancel the remaining. We will refund the cost of the cancelled items and related shipping fee if any.

An order is one or more items grouped together with a single unique order identification number.

* There might be some occasional delay because of the location of that item(s) we store in warehouse further away from our shipping office, in this case, we'll notify our customer about estimated shipping time. Please expect this delay for item(s) released more than 1 year ago from the date of your order. 

Do you combine orders to ship?

Yes, however our system cannot handle such request at this moment, so we have to ask our customer to observe the following requirements to combine ship different orders:
  1. If every item you ordered is ready to ship and all your orders placed within 24 hours and that we have not shipped out the former order(s) yet.   
  2. When considering condition 1, we do not consider pre-order items.
  3. Choose combine ship in checkout page. However, please observe the above explanation on Combine Ship Later above.

Question on import duties and taxes; can you mark my package as a gift, or lower the declared value?

The value of your purchase declared on the custom label on the outside of the package is the compensation value and only insurance if anything happened to the parcel during shipping.

To USA Customers:

Please note that there are no taxes, duties or tariffs on the import of hobby products or toys into the United States. You will not pay any extra to buy from us.

To Customers in Other Countries:

Any question, please kindly ask us.

Is eTJ responsible for the where about of my order shipped?

This is an impossible task for our company. So we really appreciate that you, after receiving our notification of the shipment of your order with tracking information, take the initiation to track your own parcel. For delivery issues please see our FAQs.

To Italian customers

Due to certain tracking difficulty in Italy, all parcels sending to Italy is by Air Parcel or EMS SpeedPost only, no exception. As your custom is strict, we can follow your customer declaration request, and if for that reason the parcel is returned to us, sorry but we will not cover return shipping fee.