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How To Pay

How to pay

Pay by Major Credit cards /PayPal

Please note since late June 2010, we have been "strongly advised" by our payment gateway to wait at least 48 hours before shipping out the product. Sorry to say that we need to follow their advice but wait around 2 days before shipment.

For all customers. You can use all major credit cards or PayPal to pay for your order. Our system requires immediate payment during check out, but if somehow that does not happen, we will send you request for payment. After sending out such request, buyer must settle all payment for available items within 1 day for credit card/ Paypal payment. After such period the order will be cancelled automatically and buyer ID recorded for blacklisting consideration.

We do not automatically charge you since we do not hold your payment information. Customer need to pay for the item by either follow the direction on our invoice to pay or login on our site, goto "accout maintenance" on left column, under "order information", click to view this purchase. Inside you will find a "PayPal click here to pay" button. Click the button and follow the instruction there. If you find no button, please follow the instruction on the invoice.   

** If you purchase something from us and somehow your e-mail address, our primary contacting channel, is invalid, we shall try to contact you by phone or SMS when applicable. But if all above mentioned communication methods failed, credit card company recommended us to refund the purchase or wait for 10 working days before shipping; If you do not receive any e-mail on the status of your purchase 1 day after placing your order, please contact us. 

Pay by Money Order or Bank/Cashier's Check

We no longer accept MO or Bank / Cashier's Check.

How to pay for pre-order items

Usually you only pay for the items when they are ready to ship. But in our case because many of the items are specially ordered from the manufacturers and are limited in quantity, we do request a 1/3 of item(s) cost to full payment as deposit. When available we will e-mail you requesting for the balance (if any) + shipping. For regular items pre-order we request 1/3 item(s) cost to full payment as deposit as we do not hold any of your payment information. When the item(s) is/are available we will e-mail you requesting for the balance (if any) + shipping. Payment methods are as stated above.


Do you take installment?

Yes, but for pre-order items only. Many of our customers are happy with the arrangement that they can start paying for the items in period of 3 to 4 months before their release. Of course they put much trust in us that we won’t bail out and disappear. Please contact us for further details. Because there are additional transactions involved, there will be a handling fee for installment.